A finger is a limb of the human body and a type of digit an organ of manipulation and sensation found in the hands of humans and other primates. Normally humans have five digits the bones of whom are termed phalanges on each hand. The first digit is the thumb followed by index finger middle finger ring finger and little finger or pinky. Some other languages use the same generic term for all five digits of a hand.

Latest Finger Injuries

Start DateAthleteSportInjury
2015-02-02Vance McDonaldAmerican footballfinger injury
2015-02-02Andy MulumbaAmerican footballfinger injury
2014-08-08Danny CoaleAmerican footballfinger fracture
2014-07-29Nick CastellanosBaseballfinger injury
2014-07-26Endy ChávezBaseballfinger injury
2014-07-23Zack CozartBaseballfinger injury
2014-07-11Collin McHughBaseballfinger injury
2014-05-24Mike NapoliBaseballfinger injury
2014-05-15Jonathan SchoopBaseballfinger injury
2014-05-07Billy HamiltonBaseballfinger injury

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Tyreke Evans
Tyreke Evans

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