The foot (plural feet) is an anatomical structure found in many vertebrates. It is the terminal portion of a limb which bears weight and allows locomotion. In many animals with feet the foot is a separate organ at the terminal part of the leg made up of one or more segments or bones generally including claws or nails.

Latest Foot Injuries

Start DateAthleteSportInjury
2015-10-24Brandon LaFellAmerican footballfoot injury
2015-09-09Josh MartinAmerican footballfoot injury
2015-08-16Rod StreaterAmerican footballfoot injury
2015-02-02Branden AlbertAmerican footballfoot injury
2015-02-02Jordan NorwoodAmerican footballfoot injury
2015-02-02Damik ScafeAmerican footballfoot injury
2015-02-02Johnny ManzielAmerican footballfoot injury
2015-02-02Alex MackAmerican footballfoot injury
2015-02-02Armonty BryantAmerican footballfoot injury
2015-02-02Ed StinsonAmerican footballfoot injury

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