A hand is a prehensile multi-fingered extremity located at the end of an arm or forelimb of primates and humans chimpanzees monkeys and lemurs. A few other vertebrates such as the koala (which has two opposable thumbs on each hand and fingerprints remarkably similar to human fingerprints) are often described as having either hands or paws on their front limbs.

Latest Hand Injuries

Start DateAthleteSportInjury
2015-08-06Trent RichardsonAmerican footballhand injury
2015-02-02Denard RobinsonAmerican footballhand injury
2014-12-09NaVorro BowmanAmerican footballhand injury
2014-08-19Tyrann MathieuAmerican footballhand injury
2014-07-27Aaron HillBaseballhand injury
2014-07-25Danny ValenciaBaseballhand contusion
2014-07-23Carlos GonzálezBaseballhand injury
2014-07-21Eric HosmerBaseballhand injury
2014-07-20Yasiel PuigBaseballhand injury
2014-07-08Carlos TorresBaseballhand injury

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Brian Cook

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