Latest Jaw Injuries

Start DateAthleteSportInjury
2014-05-25Derek StepanIce hockeyjaw fracture
2014-04-08Omar InfanteBaseballjaw injury
2013-12-17Kevin HuberAmerican footballjaw fracture
2013-12-14Casey CizikasIce hockeyjaw injury
2013-12-02Alexandre BurrowsIce hockeyjaw fracture
2013-10-01Corey TroppIce hockeyjaw injury
2013-09-22Sam GagnerIce hockeyjaw fracture
2013-03-31Sidney CrosbyIce hockeyjaw fracture
2013-03-19Patrick EavesIce hockeyjaw sore
2012-09-17Alex AvilaBaseballjaw injury

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John Long
John Long

John Eddie Long (born August 28 1956) is a retired American professional basketball player.After starring at the University of Detroit the 6’ 5” (1.96 m) shooting guard was selected by the Detroit Pistons in the second round of the 1978 NBA draft.


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