Latest Leg Injuries

Start DateAthleteSportInjury
2015-02-02Robert AlfordAmerican footballleg fracture
2015-02-02Cortez AllenAmerican footballleg fracture
2014-07-24Héctor SánchezBaseballleg Charley horse
2014-07-02Manu GinóbiliBasketballleg stress fracture
2014-06-29Jean SeguraBaseballleg injury
2014-06-27Adam EatonBaseballleg injury
2014-06-13Kris AdamsAmerican footballleg injury
2014-05-17Ryan HaniganBaseballleg injury
2014-04-26Todd FrazierBaseballleg injury
2014-04-26Nicklas GrossmannIce hockeyleg injury

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Kevin Curtis
Kevin Curtis

Kevin DeeVon Curtis (born July 17 1978) is an American football wide receiver who most recently was a member of the Tennessee Titans of the National Football League.


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