The neck is the part of the body on many terrestrial or secondarily aquatic vertebrates that distinguishes the head from the torso or trunk. The adjective (from Latin) signifying of the neck is cervical (though this more frequently used to describe the cervix).

Latest Neck Injuries

Start DateAthleteSportInjury
2014-07-27Coco CrispBaseballneck injury
2014-07-18Marco ScutaroBaseballneck injury
2014-06-29Carlos GómezBaseballneck injury
2014-06-24Ryan HaniganBaseballneck injury
2014-06-21Joe SmithBaseballneck injury
2014-05-20Leonys MartínBaseballneck injury
2014-05-20Jed LowrieBaseballneck injury
2014-05-17Cecil FielderBaseballneck injury
2014-05-14Wade DavisBaseballneck injury
2014-05-11Jonathan PapelbonBaseballneck sore

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